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Colon Hydrotherapy

Cleanse within and balance!

Healthy solutions to Digestion, Weight Loss, Skin Issues, Anti-Aging and Longevity!

Only $95 per session! Series of packages also available

*Benefits of Colon Hydrotherapy:

*Increased energy levels and stamina

*Clearer skin and better complexion

*Improved concentration and clearer head

*Better absorption of vitamins and minerals

*Weigh loss and overall healthful feeling
*Improved sleeping at night

*Calming effect on the nervous system

*Overweight people can eliminate as much as 10 to 30 pounds over a series of treatments by merely cleansing out the lower gastrointestinal tract!

3 treatments for $270 ($90 per treatment)

6 treatments for $510 ($85 per treatment)

9 treatments for $720 ($80 per treatment)

12 treatments for $900 ($75 per treatment)

15 treatments for $1,050 ($70 per treatment)

Frequently Asked Questions

 Is the procedure painful?

No, sometimes during the procedure the muscles of the colon contract suddenly expelling considerable liquid and waste into the rectum. The contraction may feel like slight cramping of gas passing with pressure in the rectum. Most o the process is mild and gentle with a wonderfully light and empty feeling afterward.

Will one cleaning completely empty the colon?

No, many of us have five or more pounds of impacted feces in our colon. This is hardened, rubbery material and substantial work must be done to remove it. One cleaning removes some, a second cleaning removes more. Your personal objectives will determine how many treatments you may wish to have. Remember the colon is 5- 5 1/2 feet long.

Is Colon Therapy embarrassing?

No, a small tube is gentle inserted into the rectum. Two separate tubes are used. One carries sterile temperature controlled water into the colon and the other is a larger tube to carry the waste out. he gently pressurized system makes colon therapy no mess, no fuss, no odor.