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Nail Services

Non-chip permanent nail color. Add length and strength. No lifting or cracking. Easy to remove . Dries instantly.

Why Bio Sculpture...?
The healthier alternative-no inhaling of fumes or dust.
It is a nail hardening treatment- strong, durable but flexible. Will protect the natural nail while allowing weak, brittle nails to grow.
Enhances the natural nail without damaging the nail plate.
Natural looking nails without use of a primers.
Choose between 56 colors, Clear, French Manicure or Pink-and-Whites.
The cure to slow drying nails polish-dries instantly under a UVA light.
Will not chip or wear away.
For the bride: Permanent Pink-and-Whites that will last for weeks without chipping.
For temporary color change on Color Gel: Simply apply any fashion color from the Bio Sculpture collection of high quality, double density polishes and remove with Bio Sculpture Polish remover to return to the original Gel Color.
Use Bio Sculpture Gel to remove gel in 10 minutes without damaging the natural nail.
Permanent color on toenails will leave the feet perfectly groomed for weeks- no more unsightly chipped or worn polish. Don`t go on holiday without it.
No excessive buffing before or after applying Bio Sculpture enhancements.
Bio Sculpture Sculpting Gel creates strong, natural looking extensions without the use of glue or resin.
Bio sculpture Gel is easy to care for at home.
After care Kits are available here at The OC Spa & Wellness Center.

Gel Sculpture Nails

New Set - $60

Gel Fill - $50

Gel Pedicure- $50

Color Blends or Sparkles- $5-$10 extra

Spa Manicure - $20

w/ buffing $5.00

Spa Pedicure - $40

Nail Repair- $5.00 and up

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